How to Change Your Habits

How to Change Your Habits

How to Change Your Habits

When it comes to creating habits, whether good or bad, us human beings are always creating them whether we know it or not. As being creatures of habit, we tend to do a lot of things out of repetition, with such things being repeated, we choose to care less if it harms us or not because we usually don’t pay attention to them until the last moment, so we pretty much don’t know if we are hurting our selves out of habit. Most habits like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, are the most common for being detrimental because of the bodily harm which make them more obvious targets, but what about our habits of procrastination or habits of forgetting information? These habits must be changed if you want move up from any position in life and in this blog ill give you 3 Simple ways on how to do so.

Pinpoint Your Habit


We have habits, its natural for us to not pay attention to when the habit is in action. The fluency and familiarity of these habits becomes very second nature so missing them is very easy, however, once you get a hold on what you’ve done for the past week or so, you will come up with your decision to change it or not. If this habit that you’ve captured yourself doing is something that you want to change, you must figure out how it became a habit. Once you learned as to why this became a habit in the first place, you can move on to changing this.


Overwrite Your Habit (Reverse Engineer)


As simple as it sounds, to change this bad habit, you must start a new habit. In this new habit, you must be very sure that this habit is a polarity shift from the recent habit, in order to overwrite your last habit, you must reverse the process and overlap it with the opposite effect. So if the last habit had a negative effect on you, this new habit must have a positive effect. This works like a Memory card or checkpoint for a video game (To all my Gamers!) if you didn’t like your last save, all you would do is overwrite it with the newest one. Once this habit is formed from the repetition, you will start to see a more positive result from this habit because of your reverse engineering of the last. 



Now that you’ve successfully created a new habit in order to end your old one, all you will have to do now is repeat the same process for other habits. Nature requires us to change, by changing, we change our habits and our habits dictate our actions without us knowing,whether it will be detrimental or useful for us. It is all about repetition!How to Change Your Habits

Much Love to You! – Raeshad Beats

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