How To Win At Life

How To Win At Life

How to Win At Life

How To Win At Life

Life is very different for each individual on this earth, most of us enjoy our lives & tend to work hard to make sure that we can keep enjoying it, while there are others who don’t enjoy their lives because of circumstantial situations, there are even those of us who don’t know how to enjoy life at all. One thing that I learned about life, is that its all about what you make it, we are not born to live good lives or bad lives, just whatever we dictate for ourselves, comes into fruition. Regardless of where you are in life now, I will show you How To Win At Life with these 3 Tips!

Be Positive & Change Your Thinking

In order for your life to change at all, you must start with changing the way you think.Your thoughts are powerful, way powerful than you think, understand that uncontrolled thoughts can be brought into fruition if you are not careful with your thought control. A lot of people overthink, stress, get anxious and tend to not let things go, because of this, you are building a never ending cycle of negativity that will continue to sprout in your brain & eventually into your reality as you know it. In order to change your thinking, you must change your habits & natural thought patterns, this mean’s you must be very conscious of how you think. If you think natural negative thoughts during your patterns, its time for you to switch that with positive thoughts. Switching to positive thoughts not only relieve you of stress, but also gives you more self esteem, it empowers your very being making you alot more conscious about how to think about things, negative thoughts build up stress and force you to give up on even the simplest of tasks because of lack of confidence, positive thoughts build you up. So stop being a negative Nancy,  its literally killing you!


Continue to Learn from Mistakes


Alot of people get discouraged when they make a mistake, not knowing that these mistakes is the very exact thing that will teach you how to get better every single time. When we make a mistake, its like the whole world is pointing at us, laughing at our pain, however, once you learn to embrace these mistakes, your ‘failures’ begin to teach you about ‘success’. Understand that if you fail left and right, over and over again, you are only getting better and not only are you sharpening your blade, but you are alot more confident with each try, so slowly you build more self esteem with each attempt. You must fail now so you can learn quickly and if you learn quickly, you can succeed quickly, because remember, you only ever fail if you quit, Just how you must be a follower first before you could lead, you must be the loser first before you can even begin to win. Learn from your Mistakes & Fail as Fast as Possible! (LEARN LEARN LEARN!)


Enjoy Your Progress & Enjoy Life!

As insignificant as it may sound compared to the last 2 tips, This is by far the most important & most forgettable to us humans on planet earth, we forget how to enjoy things after awhile. Some of us work jobs that require many hours just to get a decent paycheck and in return we have no time left to spend with our family and friends, we usually would have to schedule off just to make sure we are allowed to. Some Of us work jobs at home which also requires most of our time sitting down writing blog posts, posting on social media, updating our websites, shooting vlogs ect. We work so damn hard that we forget how to have fun, we work so hard that we forget how to live life because we been living to work. Make time for your friends & family as much as possible no matter what job you work, gather more experiences and capture more moments for yourself. Life is too short to be working so hard just to feel satisfied with a check. Enjoy Yourself & Live it up!

Much Love to You! – Raeshad Beats

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