Marketing & Promotion in Music 2016

Marketing & Promotion in Music 2016

Marketing & Promotion in Music

Whats the difference?

Marketing & Promotion in Music 2016 always went hand to hand with each other in any pillar of the industry. As a artist, if you didn’t have a understanding of how to market & promote your brand, you could easily be slipped under the rug with the rest of the unsuccessful artists because of your lack of knowledge. Now you’re probably thinking ‘Wait, but isn’t Marketing & Promo the same thing?’ Im here to tell you in this article that no, they aren’t the same but they are connected. If you want to be a successful Artist in this industry, you got to know the differences of what makes any brand a brand!


Marketing is something that is not only used in the Music industry, but used in every single Industry known & also in every single thing you do. Marketing is basically putting your message out to the world to the people that you know would want to hear that message, you are putting your face on the forefront of everything you do, therefore giving people that you target in whatever niche a chance to contact you & communicate. In music, marketing is solely used to explore the Artists Background, interviews, blog posts, podcasts & radio shows for an example. All of these things show more about the Artist than the Artists music itself, you must remember in this business, everyone makes music, so what makes you different? Marketing yourself and showing people that you are a real person, and not just some Singer, Vocalist or Rapper will always ensure that you create a sustainable fanbase for your brand and this is how natural Marketing is. People need something they can relate too, find out what that is for you alongside of the music & exploit it.


Promotion is underneath marketing, simply because its a part of marketing in a the sense of a campaign of any brand & product, so in this case, your music is the product that needs the promotion. Promotion is usually a outsource to a company to help the Artist (In this case) get his/her music out on several & various platforms (social media, word to mouth ect). Within this, Promotion is merely a worthy tool of investment that can help you reach new and fresh targets of audiences for a set time. The difference between promotion & marketing is that Promotion only puts your work into certain targets for a certain period of time, while as marketing, you are already open to connect with different fans so on and so forth. Marketing sets the tone for who your brand is, promotion only sends that brand into different areas to collect new fans & supporters. So in simpler terms, Marketing is forever, Promotion is limited to an extent.


In order for you to be successful in this business you must master both Marketing of yourself & Promotion of your music, and know the differences at that. These are both handy tools that, if used properly, can work on their own without you doing too much of the legwork. Understand that people know your an artist, people know that you create music, but at the same time, they know countless others who do the same. Are you relatable? Can you promote something other than your Music? These are all of the questions you need to know in order to be successful at marketing yourself. 


Much love to you! -Raeshad Beats

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