How To Work Under Pressure

How To Work Under Pressure

How To Work Under Pressure


How To Work Under Pressure: There will be times where your work requires steady diligence, & Patience. You may be working on a project that requires a certain amount of work that can drive you up a wall or you could be presented with something that has a very close deadline that you feel is not enough time for you to finish it. whenever you get in positions like this, it is time that you become stalwart and work Under Pressure, and Im going to show you how!

Take Deep Breaths

Relax & breathe, you need to be focused for the task ahead of you, for if you panic, you could lose the will & courage to even start the project. So just take a breather and analyze the project. Once you feel calm & collected, begin to figure out what you must do next. Begin to ask yourself questions such as, What Should I Work on first? What can I do to start this project? Which Part of the project would be easier for me to start & Ect. These questions trigger answers in your mind immediately and thus you begin to get a better idea of where to start.

Work on The Hardest Task First

Okay, now its time to get started on the Project. Work on the hardest task that you have in front of you first, knocking out the most difficult part of your project with ease on finishing up said project. After completing the difficult one, you can work your way down to next little bit of work that you got left, Which makes your job a whole lot easier. Always start with the most stressful part on any project, because once you finish that up, you’ll have a lot more confidence to continue your work.

Evaluate What You Have

Now that you finished the hardest part of your project, begin to Evaluate what you have to do next. The Hard Part is done, but it was only the beginning, so figure out whats next and begin to start. Once you figured out what you must do next, begin to work down the line & sort out the next bit of pieces you must put together. 

Take Breaks

Take a few short breaks if you begin to get minor headaches or you begin to get tired. If needed, come back tomorrow with a fresh mind & begin where you left off. Taking a quick refresher can be exactly what you need to boost your ideas for your project. In order to increase your sufficiency with this project, you’ll need proper rest to tackle this obstacle easily. 


Now that you worked out every nook & cranny in this project, it is time for the most important part; Finish the project! The hardest thing that we will ever encounter with projects & other works that require major brainpower and attention, is usually coming to a closure with it. We must be able to finish to complete this project. Evaluate your final work, if every thing is looking nice & neat, get ready to finalize it & finish it for good. If you require a stamp of approval from a co-worker or such, get that as well to know fully.

Confidence & consistency is Key for anything that requires long hours of work. You must be calm & collected and willing to finish this project if you work under pressure. Ignore the doubts & ignore the pressure, this is your project & you will succeed if you continue to work at it, don’t let the pressure scare you!

Much Love to you! -Raeshad Beats

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